Published on 29.01.2018

Last time I wrote about when and where it's best to run with babies. In next few posts I’ll talk about various gadgets necessary to make your buggy-jogging more comfortable and helpful while choosing the right track. I won't review different products but I'll share my personal experience and recommendations while using them. Starting with choosing the right stroller. 

After few weeks of searching, Joggster III by TFK was my choice. Although TFK doesn't produce this model anymore, it's still available in stores or you can get a second handed one. Picking the right type, I had to take in account few conditions, well, more practical needs and wishes:

1.       Consider your baby's comfort – I always knew that I wanted to start jogging with my son as soon as my wife would allow me to. For that reason, I had to find a stroller suitable and comfortable for children from newborn to toddler. Some of the most advanced running strollers are only suitable for babies 6+ months.

2.       Stroller suitable for both jogging and normal use - many "running strollers" are not really convenient for “normal” life, meaning that usually the fixed front wheel won't allow you to easily manipulate the stroller in smaller spaces. Our stroller has two types of wheels. Fixed large one (for running) and flexible two small wheels (general use). Changing them didn't take much time but quite honestly, it was still pain. So an advice: get a stroller with only one flexible front wheel, possible to fix temporarily.

3.       Size matters – we lived in an apartment building with very small elevator, so it was out of question to get a stroller with large wheels. However, if size is not an obstacle for you, then definitely go for stroller with larger wheels.

4.       Number of babies – you don’t have to have twins but if you plan second baby soon like we did, the possibility to expand the stroller for two is must have. And plan carefuly. The "buddy seat" is not as comortable as it appears to be on official pictures. 

These were the basic considerations that came to my mind before my son was born. Only after few weeks using the stroller I realized, what other helpful technical features it had.

Vertically adjustable handle - it was not only me doing sports with our son. My wife used it for in-line skating and she found this feature extremely helpful.

Bike-like brake - the disc brakes are now must have. They help, when you are running downhill, so you don’t need to hold the stroller so heavily and they are useful during in-line skating.

Now you have your desired stroller. So what else may become handy?  

Track your run - you probably want to track all the runs you're doing with your baby. I am using MapMyRun application,  which allows me to select run type and features stroller or double-stroller routes. This application also allows to search for other users’ recorded activities near your actual GPS location, which is helpful when you're abroad so you may find some inspiration. Unfortunately it won't let you to specifically search for this runs with stroller.

100+ things to pack for a run - you know the routine. Spare nappy, cleaning towels, creme, dummy, dummy cover and clip, changing pad, more nappies, more dummies and I named only few. Then tissues, some food and water. Isolating bag is good to have during winter time, as it prevents your food and water from freezing. Hand disinfection is always handy to bring with you as you don't want to touch your baby after a loo in nature. Safety first, so when you are crossing the street or sharing the track with bikes, you need to be visible from long distance by wearing and using the reflective strips. At the end you still have to think about where to put your home keys, cell phone, wallet with ID and million other things. Well, you probably should bring a long haul suitcase to make sure you have everything. 

Did this post help you with choosing the right running stroller? In my next blog, I'll talk about different stroller running techniques and share instructional video. 

So have you started already? 

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