Quick Start

What is baby city guide

Baby City Guide (BCG) is an online platform for travelling parents community, who are looking for and sharing information and personal experiences while visiting cities and places all around the world. By sharing a review on BCG, registered Members are creating content that will be then displayed under particular City or Place and visible to all BCG visitors and Members.

1. Set up your account details

Sign in -> Create Account

If you didn't create your account yet, you can do it by using your email address. Click Join in the top menu and then choose "Create account". Fill in all the mandatory fields and choose a secure password. Make sure to select, if other members of Baby City Guide will be allowed to contact you throught BCG platform. Finally tick the last box to agree with BCG Terms and Conditions.

Privacy settings

Your full name only is displayed as part of your posted reviews. No other private details, such as email address, telephone or country of residence, will be shared with others, unless you explicitly provide consent. After you log in, review your details in My Profile section in the top right menu under your name. Account can be registered by users older than 15 years.


If you need any help, contact help@babycityguide.com. Find more information in Frequently Asked Questions section or watch our short introduction video.

2. Share your reviews

Sharing review

There are two different types of review you can share. CITY review and PLACE review. Only after registration and log in, you will able to create your review for a new CITY or PLACE or comment on already existing ones.

Create your CITY review

Select "Review City" in the top menu. Add "City name" and evaluate "Baby Friendliness" by stars. Rate City "Atmosphere" and "Public Transport" on the scale. Select "Baby Friendly Activities" available within the city. Evaluate mobility around the City through "Landscape" and "Pavements". Last but not least, write down your own experience and upload your pictures. Don't forget to hit the "Save and publish" button. Your review will be public within 24 hours.

Create your PLACE review

Select "Review Place" in the top menu. Choose "City" and type in "Place" name. Score "Baby Friendliness" by stars and select type of place from "Place Characteristics" list. The most important place characteristics are "Accessibility with stroller" and "Baby Care Room" availability. Evaluate rest of the attributes, write down your own experience and upload your pictures. Don't forget to hit the "Save and publish" button. Your review will be public within 24 hours.

3. Tips for parents

Tip 1 – monthly newsletter

Sign up to our monthly newsletter to receive information about new reviews and blog posts by our community. Receive interesting tips for your next journey or react to other members reviews. You can sign up to BCG newsletter while registering as a new member or in My Profile section, once you are logged in. Not registered members are able to sign up in the popup window on the homepage

Tip 2 – Place Review Icons

Familiarize yourself quickly with reviewed Place or City through icons. Every place review has two essential icons that will quickly help you to identify:
If the place is Barrier-free access YES or is NOT Barrier-free access YES accessible with pram.
If the place has Baby care room YES or has NOT Baby care room YES a baby care room.

Tip 3 – Instagram #babycityguide

BCG definitely goes social. Follow Baby City Guide profile on Instagram and use #babycityguide when you post your travel experiences.